Saudi Society of Microscopes

Basic Rules

اللائحة الأساسية



Article I: Named Assembly based point of supervision:

Arise Association on behalf of the Saudi Society for microscopes, will be based in the Department of Life Sciences - Faculty of Science - King Abdul Aziz University - Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, hereinafter referred to as the association. May arise with branches in other parts of the Kingdom or branch for students if necessary, and by the decision of the University Council.
Article II: Objectives:

Article II: Objectives:
fundamental objectives of the Association on the following:

1 - development of scientific thought in the field of microscopes and work on the revitalization and development and dissemination.

2 - achieving scientific and professional communication for members of the Assembly.

3 - provision of scientific advice in the field of microscopes.

4 - the development of scientific and professional performance of the members of the Assembly.

5 - to facilitate the exchange of scientific production and scientific ideas and cooperation in the field of interests between the Assembly relevant bodies and organizations inside and outside the Kingdom


Article Three: The activities of the Association:

Assembly check basic goals in the second article every appropriate means, without exceeding the rules and regulations and regulatory decisions and through the establishment of specialized committees in the areas of microscopes
The Assembly may exercise the following activities:

1 - to encourage scientific research in various specialized fields.

2 - Dissemination of scientific production to serve the objectives of the association.

3 - hold scientific sessions such as symposia, seminars, lectures and other intellectual scientific meetings.

4 - Issuing a scientific journal patrol in the various disciplines of microscopes.

5 - conducting scientific studies to elevate the practice of the practical aspects of microscopes.

6 - the exchange of experiences and information in the areas of microscopes.

7 - to encourage scientific innovation in the field of microscopes.

8 - Scientific organizing trips for members of the Assembly and the establishment of scientific competitions in their specialties.

Article IV: Membership in the Association:

A) The types of membership:

Membership in the Assembly by one of the following types:.

 - Honorary Membership:

Gives a resolution of the General Assembly for those who contributed to the development of areas of interest to the Assembly, or provided financial or moral, are exempt from the requirement to honor a member of the payment of registration fees and subscription and honorary member to attend meetings of the General Assembly and its various committees and participate in the discussions
 Active Membership: required her:

A - to be called organic possess a degree or equivalent in the field of specialty Assembly.

      B - to pay annual subscriptions.

       C - what he sees as the Board of Directors of the conditions.

       D - to issue a decision accepted by the Board of Directors 

   membership enrollment:

Enjoyed by organic-seekers are students and workers in the field of microscopes and those who do not have the requirement to obtain a bachelor's degree. Exempt associate member of the 50% of the value of the annual subscription. He may also attend meetings of the General Assembly and its various committees and participate in the discussion without the right to vote.

Article V : the conditions and procedures for membership :

A member of Association as follows:

 to complete the legal procedures in the application for membership .

 to be of good behavior .

 should pay fees for membership.

 to get the nomination of two members of staff in the Assembly.

 to issue a decision on the admissibility of the membership of the board of directors of the association.

Article VI : termination of membership :

Term of office expires in the following cases :

 the withdrawal of the member or his death .

  If you did not pay the annual subscription after a year of maturity .

  Member breach of the terms of the condition of membership.

 do any work or activity that results in harm to the physical or literary association . In this case do not fall ended only with the consent of the association .

ARTICLE VII : Re- organic :

A person who has membership to recover its membership by decision of the Board of Directors if still reasons for dropping previous membership .

Article Eight: Assembly:

Composition of the General Assembly and meetings :

The Assembly, composed of staff members , and hold a regular meeting once a year at the invitation of Chairman of the Board of Directors , meeting shall not be valid unless attended by the majority of members . If you did not attend the majority may hold another meeting after two weeks and this is the right who attended the meeting . And may , at the request of the Board of Directors or five members of the General Assembly to hold an extraordinary meeting if necessary .

Article IX : terms of reference of Assembly :

Assembly is seeking to achieve the objectives of the association and in particular, have the following:

 the issuance of the rules governing the internal functioning of the Assembly.

  Adoption of the annual budget of the Association and to approve the final accounts each year .

 the adoption of the annual report of the Association .

  choose the members of the Board of Directors .

 the adoption of the action plan submitted by the Board of Directors .

 Proposal for the establishment of branches of the Association upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors .

 the appointment of an external auditor of the accounts of the association and determine his fees .

 a proposal to transfer the headquarters of the University Assembly to another.

 propose a solution Assembly .

Article X : Honorary President Assembly :

Of the Assembly, at the suggestion of the Board of Directors , the nomination of Honorary President of the Scientific Society of the well-known personalities of their interest in the areas of work of the Assembly for a single term of three years and that the decision of the University Council , the presidency has attended the sessions .

Article XI : Assembly resources and budget :

First Assembly adopts mainly on its own resources , namely:

 Proceeds from the annual subscription for members .

 the outcome of what you sell Society publications , and periodicals , and the offering of services within the limits of its goals.

 What revenues complexity of courses and programs .

 grants, donations and grants offered by the university or bodies or individuals.

Second: The Assembly budget and final accounts :

 The fiscal year of the Assembly and ending with the fiscal year of the University .

 The final accounts according to the rules and norms of professional .

Article XII : Configure the Board of Directors :

 Board of Directors consists of a number of active members is not more than nine selected by the General Assembly by secret ballot from among its employees. To be at least one third of the employees of the university , which established the Assembly.

 The term of office of the Council three years, renewable once .

 If the absence of a Board of Directors for Board meetings three times in a row , without an acceptable excuse to the Board of Directors considered resigning .

 When a vacancy membership elect the members of the Board of Directors of the General Assembly of the reason to choose a substitute member of the Council , and requires the approval of the General Assembly in its first meeting .

 chooses the board of directors by secret ballot from among its members as President for a period of three years, renewable once to be employees of the university followed by the Assembly , as the Board selects from among its members as Vice-President , and Secretary of the Board , the Secretary of the money.

 The Chairman of the Board of Directors representative of the Association in front of others and on its behalf in connection with the official and non-official in the Kingdom and abroad in accordance with the statutory procedures prescribed with the presidency of the Assembly.

Article XIII : Board Meetings :

The Board of Directors held a regular meeting every three months , does not have its valid only in the presence of a majority of its members , and may hold extraordinary meetings whenever requested that more than half of its members or request a fifth of the members of the General Assembly or the Chairman of the Board of Directors , and in this case is limited to the meeting to discuss subjects that the Board held created.

The resolutions of the Board of Directors by a majority vote of those present , and when the votes are equal voice to be President of the Council is probable.

Article XIV : Thieves jurisdiction of the Board of Directors :

The Council of Administration:

 Assembly budget proposal .

 Prepare the agenda of the General Assembly .

 policy proposal of the Association in the framework of the objectives set forth in these rules and presented to the General Assemblies for approval.

 Proposed internal rules of the association and organization of work .

 Composition of committees and specialized groups to perform the functions of the association and its activities .

 Preparing for the annual report of the activities of the association and submit it to the competent boards at the university after the adoption of the General Assembly.

 determining the annual contribution of the members.

 commissioning of studies and research .

 the proposal to hold seminars, courses, seminars, according to the regulations relating thereto , and followed by the universities.

 Acceptance of gifts, donations , grants and aid .


 Assembly in activities linked to the director of the University of King Abdul Aziz or his authorized representative .

 depends Minutes of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors by the director of the University of King Abdul Aziz or his authorized representative .

 In case of disagreement between the Director of King Abdul Aziz University and the General Assembly or the Board of Directors raised the subject to the Council of the University of King Abdul Aziz and his decision to be in that final.

 If dissolved Scientific Society (for whatever reason ) property devolves to the King Abdul Aziz University .

 If the transfer assembly of King Abdul Aziz University to move all the other properties and documents to the new university .

 Works by these rules from the date of approval.


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